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Just shake it up and give it a spray! 

These beautifully aromatic room sprays are 125mL and leave a long lasting fragrance hours after being used.


These sprays can be used in any room of the house and can also be sprayed on linen to give a beautiful fresh smell.


Caution: Sprays are flammable and must not be sprayed onto an open flame or any incandescent surfaces. Do not ingest and keep out of reach of children and pets. Spray away from face and do not spray into eyes as irritation may occur.

Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous products

I am a repeat offender when it come to buying these gorgeous candles and other products because of the excellent service and fantastic products every time .The room sprays are beautiful, they smell gorgeous and the scent lasts ages …

Jenanie Jude
Amalfi Cost Room Spray

I first bought the ‘Amalfi Coast’ Candle at a night market, and I decided to try out the diffuser and the room spray with the same scent and they are both so amazing! The smell lasts for ages and the scent is just so nice. 100 x better than the really expensive candles / sprays from the franchise department stores! Would recommend 🤍

Tayla Marcotrigiano
Amalfi Coast Room Spray

I LOVE this product!!
It is perfect for when you need a little freshen up to your room or don't want to light a candle or set up a diffuser.
Just add a few sprays to any rooma dn instantly it smells amazing!!!

One Million Room Spray

I purchased this room spray for my older brother and he absolutely loves it….it smells just like the cologne !


The best room spray I have tried, it lasts hours!